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Story Deepak Jindal (Author of Inner Battle Book)
Hello, I'm Deepak Jindal. I'd like to let you know somewhat about myself—who I am, the manner by which I've touched base right now on my life's voyage, and what I've found out about myself and about the world on my approach to arriving. In spite of the fact that I've taken a whimsical way to turning into a motivational speaker, the voyage has had all the effects.
Deepak Jindal is born in middle-class family at Moga(Punjab). He has seen various ups and down during his childhood, lost his father at early age of 13, studied in local school(Moga) ,B.Tech (NIT Jalandhar) & MBA (PU,Chandigarh).

Sequence of Deepak's life
1977 - Born in Moga
1990 - Lost his father, major setback
1994 - Completion of school studies
1998 - B.Tech (NIT,Jalandhar)
2000 - MBA(HR) from Panjab University, Chandigarh
2002 - Struggle to get job
2007 - Senior Consultant at HCL
2009- HR Consultant in TCS America
2011- Manager in Accenture
2013- Served in IBM
2016 - Launched Book "Win your inner battle"

He has conducted seminars and workshops in various schools/colleges/corporate covering more than 10,000 people across geographies. He has traveled across the world to learn and share his experiences. He has been awarded at various levels for conducting sessions on Personality development. He is Certified HR consultant from Germany and Management consultant from USA.He carries a vision to empower the world through his training.

His book "Win your inner battle" has been highly acknowledged across the world and creating a difference in people's lives.

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